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    Rojas, Callison, ALLEN, Stuart…that was the lineup when I was a kid. Remember listening to the radio with Rich Ashburn announcing when Allen hit that infamous blast to dead center field at Connie Mac stadium. 500+ feet. Also was at a game when he hit a homer to left field over the Ferraro Cadillac sign. Way to go Dick!!

    My 1st sox game ever was 1972 against Orioles, Dick stepped to the plate and launched a shot, very high and very deep into the upper deck. The crowd roared, the scoreboard exploded and I fell in love with Dick Allen. I went to more and more Sox games and Allen always hit a bomb, one I remember went deep into the upper deck in deep left center just to the left of the scoreboard. This was one ridiculously deep, way out there had to be 460 or so. I saw him steal home off Nolan Ryan. I have never seen such an amazing God given talent of speed, amazing power and also a very sharp mind. Gossage says Dick Allen is the best he ever played with and Dick helped him become a great pitcher. There is so much more very good stuff to Dick Allen then we all know. Thank you Dick Allen for inspiring us. Miss you so much!

    Dick, Watching the Phillies game today, they showed number of HR’s opposing players had hit at Wrigley over the years. if I recall Willie Mays was first and I think Mike Schmidt was second. Anyway, that just had me wondering…What was your favorite stadium to play at during your career? Why?

    RA-15… I always smile thinking of the times Dad and you got together. It’s because of him that I became your # 1 fan and friend and I am grateful for it. I’m glad you have the site. Best wishes and all the coolness. Your Man, ” Jr. ”
    I hope to see you soon Big Hoss! Stay well RA 🙂

    Richie Allen hit some monsterous shots in Connie Mack that are still going..Kudos and for your help with Ed “Hoggy” Herrmann

    It’s about time you had your own site uncle looks good

    I’m totally impress! Congratulations on your website. Favorite

    Very nice website.

    Be glad to send a copy of the photo…Must admit, I’m not a twitter guy, nor do I have agreat sense of how to scan or send photos..Just showing my age I guess. Can someone help me out on how to do this? Can I just email a copy to It may be from 1991 in lieu of 1990. I think it was the first year you particpated in DreamWeek. Jim Bowen

    Dick, great site….Followed your career from your rookie season. Your play was the reason I fell in love with the game. I wore #15 in High School and while attending Phillies Dreamweek way back in 1990! Actually have a photo in my office that was taken at Dreamweek while I was in the batting cage and you and Del Ennis were standing leaning on the cage. No doubt admiring my stroke!
    A portion of your game I don’t think you ever received enough credit for was your base running. You always seemed to have the knack when to take the extra base and cut the corners properly.
    I just don’t enjoy watching the Big Show as much, but I still do follow the Phillies. They need to hire you as their batting coach so you can help Ryan Howard stay on the ball and stop trying to pull everything. From his second year, I believe coaching ruined his stroke. He used to take the ball the opposite way like you did, and with power.
    Anyway, thanks for giving this fan a whole lot of joy during your career and I wish you good health in happiness. Take care.
    Jim Bowen (notice the 15 in my email address)

      Thanks for the very nice message Jim!

      I’d love to see the photo from 1990.

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