1. Radical Dave  June 6, 2017

    Cool picture. Just wanted to note an anniversary here. It was 50 years ago today at Connie Mack Stadium, during a twi night doubleheader (remember them?) Rookie pitcher Joe Niekro on the mound for the Cubs, Johnny Briggs on second and Dick hits a home run that travelled an estimated 600′. It was hit to dead center field and it cleared the flag pole at the base of the center field wall. If memory serves correctly, that dimension was 447′ and the thing I remember was at that point the ball was still rising! 447′ AND THE BALL WAS STILL RISING!!!! Cubs manager Leo Durocher, who had been in baseball for 30+ years at the time said it was the longest homer he had ever seen. I’ve been following MLB for 55 years and it’s still the longest one I’ve ever seen. The most outstanding memory from any game I’ve ever seen. Thank you Dick. That was one of a kind for sure. BTW, do you remember that one?


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